Nurse Practitioner Children

Phoenix, AZ

Job description

The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner will conduct psychiatric evaluations; counseling assessment; medication monitoring, adjustment, and prescriptions; consultation and collaboration with treatment team professionals, diagnostic education, counseling, psycho education and maintain continuing education and credentials relevant to scope of practice. Will further coordinate and assist with other clinic staff the processing of medication refill requests and scheduling according to client and program needs; maintain the accuracy of electronic and hard copy clinical information to meet established monitoring standards.


Master's degree in nursing, current certification by the Arizona Board of Nursing, current Drug

Enforcement Administration (DEA) certificate, current fingerprint clearance card, current CPR and First Aid certification. Able to utilize computer-based programs and web resources that manage large amount of data, and be competent in Excel and Word.


Able to be organized, have clear and understandable written and oral communication, demonstrate empathy and build positive rapport with the client population served, be knowledgeable about community resources, and adapt well to a changing and high volume environment.


  • Possess knowledge of outpatient mental health clinic operations.
  • Demonstrate above average facilitation and management of computer data.
  • Ability to develop and communicate ideas in writing.
  • Possess knowledge of intake assessment, data demographic standards, and discharge procedures; follows CPLC monitoring authorities protocols.
  • Demonstrate skill with working with clients with diverse psychological, medical and cultural needs; able to facilitate brief counseling interventions, psycho education, illness self-management, family/stakeholder involvement.
  • Independently conducts psychiatric evaluations for differential diagnosis, medication trails, diagnostic education, and consults or refers when appropriate.
  • Conducts medication monitoring, facilitating prescription renewals, making adjustments and changes to medication when appropriate.
  • Requests, interprets, and monitors laboratory tests to ensure medical integrity for client wellness; conducts doctor-to-doctor consultations when needed; monitors to reduce adverse effects or identified polypharmacy situations; refer when appropriate.
  • Supports the clinical and case management treatment team by advocating psychotherapeutic intervention in conjunction with pharmacotherapies, recommends combination therapy when appropriate; assists with interventions designed to increased client compliance with appropriate medication use, treatment planning, required clinical documentation needed to maintain client eligibility for services.
  • Supports co-occurring disorder approaches by actively engaging clients using motivational enhancement and applying transtheoretical stages of change; considers serious mental illness and medication intervention, as appropriate, with persons presenting with substance abuse history; understands the implications of addiction behavior with the prescription of certain pharmaceuticals.
  • Ability to work closely with peers to implement new and ongoing ideas to ensure program efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Knowledge of crisis planning and intervention; assists with client petitions, in-office crisis, and after-hours crisis needs when appropriate.


Employee will be expected to participate in continuous learning, competency building and maintenance of competency skills.


Work is performed in structured and unstructured environments.


Reports to and is supervised directly by the Chief Medical Director. Employee is also accountable for understanding and complying with CPLC policies and procedures.