RWPA Program Supervisor

Phoenix, AZ

Job description

Phoenix, AZ


Under general supervision, provides direct covered services and treatment to individual clients, coordinates with community support and stakeholders. Responsible for supervision of LUCES prevention services, crisis, and clinical management as assigned by direct supervisor. Coordinates quality management, access to care, transfer, triage, caseload management, timely documentation, productivity, and direct service functions; implements and manages services and performance improvement, and corrective action plans, and manages program statistical data. Supervises clinical and administrative/office staff when assigned, participates in performance and evaluation activities, coordinates/facilitates training and clinical supervision when assigned. Works as a member of the treatment team, performs direct services as assigned.


Knowledge of HIV and AIDS, PrEP & PEP Navigation, HIV Testing, Linkage to Care, and Rapid Start


  1. Masters degree in Counseling, Social Work, or related field, enabling credentialing with the State of Arizona or
  2. Two years post masters experience or 4 or more years of HIV direct or prevention services and management experience.
  3. Management experience preferred.
  4. Generalist knowledge in general mental health, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, and serious mental illness.
  5. Knowledge of HIV/AIDS and other STD transmission.
  6. Able to work a flexible schedule as needed per program requirements.
  7. Must successfully complete the agencys orientation and demonstrate competence regarding skills and knowledge per R9-20-204.
  8. Have good organization and time management skills.


  1. Assure that the quality of HIV prevention services is maintained through supervision. Assure that all staff are trained on policies and procedures, Standards of Care, cultural diversity, HIPPAA and Confidentiality of services, and other trainings as assigned.
  2. Assure that performance reviews are completed annually for staff under direct supervision, including establishing specific, individual professional development goals. In addition, will make recommendations for and implement employee disciplinary actions to include termination when necessary.
  3. Provide regular documented reporting to the Program Director regarding program services as assigned (i.e. program billing, program quality management, staff productivity, and others assigned).
  4. Review all reports of suspected abuse or neglect of vulnerable adults or minors and program grievances and assure that appropriate actions are taken. Inform Program Director if reports involve alleged maltreatment by staff, clients, students, volunteers.
  5. Inform the Program Director in a timely manner of all relevant political, financial, clinical, and liability issues and make recommendations for any changes in procedures.
  6. Ensure all staff contractual deliverables are met on a monthly basis, accuracy of staff timecards, mileage, and program expenses are completed with correct funding allocations to contracts.
  7. Experience in interdisciplinary care coordination; monitoring of health and social service delivery to maximize efficient/cost effectiveness.
  8. Maintains working relationship and attends meetings with funders. Participates in committees for EHE, Fast Track Cities Initiative, RW Planning Council, RW Housing, SWAG, and ARF.
  9. Knowledge of the dynamics of substance abuse and mental health symptoms and able to refer clients to appropriate resources.
  10. Possess good written and verbal communication skills.
  11. To communicate and coordinate services with other treatment providers when appropriate.
  12. Plan, Coordinate, Attend, and provides updates in staff meetings and team staffings.
  13. Attend primary medical care appointments with consumers when needed.
  14. Provide medication adherence and medication monitoring.
  15. Ability to effectively engage clients and in some cases, their family members in treatment.
  16. Provide non-judgmental, unconditional support to clients.
  17. Must be able to communication to Spanish speaking clients.
  18. Experience in working independently and delivery of in-home services.
  19. Must be capable of working with diverse cultural population.
  20. Must have knowledge of the Ryan White healthcare system, AZ Department of Health services requirements for prevention programs, CareWare, Healthvana, and Aphrim reporting systems.
  21. Knowledge of community resources and ability to assist clients in securing such services.
  22. Must have advanced community skills, resources, and established networks.
  23. Must have access to safe transportation, valid Arizona drivers license and automobile insurance as required in the State of Arizona. Must be willing to travel throughout Maricopa County.
  24. Maintains personal contact with client and not exceeding 30 days.
  25. Conducts follow up to service commitments, engagement, re-engagement for missed appointments, letters of intent, welfare checks and appropriate discharge functions completed within required time periods.
  26. Maintains and monitors all caseload statistical information, including presenting issues lengthy of stay and outcome measures when assigned.
  27. Provides on call coverage for crisis situations as needed.
  28. Understanding of all licensing, regulatory, and agency guidelines.
  29. Ensures documentation in each client file is submitted in a clear and timely manner.
  30. Consults and coordinates with prescriber, prescriber liaison, laboratories, medical providers, pharmacies, and assists with eligibility and access to prescription services when needed.
  31. Consults on initial and ongoing HIV medical care or prevention needs, psychiatric care, and pharmacy needs to ensure Clinical Care Team is established for all clients.
  32. Know and match individually assigned productivity value amounts on a weekly basis, as set for the position, throughout the fiscal year.
  33. Monitor appropriate productivity needs, variables, and opportunities.
  34. Conducts home visits, other community-based services, as needed and requested by client and/or family.
  35. Demonstrates ability to de-escalate and de-brief disruptions to newly diagnosed individuals and/or their family content and process.
  36. Ability to assist clients to learn skills required for personal independence.
  37. Ability to provide routine, urgent, and emergent interventions as needed by the program.
  38. Performs other related tasks and duties as assigned by the Program Director.


Ability to travel within Maricopa and Pinal counties as needed. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing. Able to present operational information to personnel at all levels. Able to identify and recruit potential funding sources.